Welcome to Countertops 101, a division of 2g Habitats. Over the last 15 years we have had one simple mission: “Make Life Better.”

That is the sole reason we wake up each and every morning.

We know that the countertop is much more than just a utility piece. Every day families and friends gather around countertops. From holidays to birthdays and everything in between the kitchen countertops become a gathering spot to share life with the ones we love.

At Countertops 101 we promise to help you find the right countertop that matches your needs, design style and budget.

We won’t always be the cheapest and we won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but we will tell you what you need to know based on our 25 years in this industry.

Since we have been involved on all sides of the equation -ranging from fabricators to manufacture’s reps we are in a unique position which allows us to give you honest information from a perspective many do not have.

Due to this unique perspective we approach our business as an educational platform – hence the name Countertops 101.

Construction can be exciting, frustrating, and confusing (and sometimes maddening) all at the same time – we have been there with our own projects. Our team is committed to fully understanding your needs and wants and educating you on your options so you can go to sleep knowing you chose the countertop that is best suited for your lifestyle.

We are not interested in being the “biggest” or the “best” countertop company. Our only goal is to focus on each customer individually and help make their life better by sharing our knowledge and helping make their dreams and goals come to fruition.