Q. Do you provide plumbing connections?

A. No, we only focus on countertops, but we have put together a list of plumbers that our customers have used and recommend. You can see this list by CLICKING HERE.

We recommend you schedule your plumbing reconnect the day after your countertops are installed. This will give any silicone or adhesives time to set fully. It is extremely tight work connecting plumbing under the sink and we like to give everything a day to fully cure so the plumber does not accidentally move something out of place.

Q. Where can I buy faucets?

A. You can buy faucets at any number of retailers including: Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon or your local plumbing supply company like Ferguson.

We recommend getting a reputable brand like Delta, Kohler, Grohe, Moen, Danze, Luxart or something similar.

If you are buying a countertop from Countertops 101, you are making a solid investment in your kitchen. We would avoid brands like Pfister, Peerless, and Glacier Bay. While these look appealing at first, the quality is not near that of one of the brands listed above.

Q. Can we reuse the garbage disposal?

A. You can. We recommend you get a new sink drain collar though to match your faucet. This is the perfect time to get a new disposal though if the one you have is aging or is an entry level disposal provided in a production builder home.

We highly recommend you considering a 3/4 HP InSinkerator Evolution. These run around $200 and are a great performing disposal.

Don’t forget you will need to buy a separate power cord for the new disposal. For some reason the power cord does not come in the box. Most plumber and electricians will be uncomfortable reusing the old cord and a new cord only runs around $15.00. It is a good investment to ensure everything continues to perform with no problems.

If the switch for your garbage disposal is under the sink in your cabinet, (common on islands) you may want to consider getting an air switch to activate it. The countertop installer will core a hole next to your faucet. The air switch button will install in this hole and it will turn on an off your disposal. No need to open your cabinet door with wet hands.

Garbage Disposal air switches are a favorite add for our customers. They can be bought at Lowes and Home Depot and cost around $80.00.

Q. Can I get rid of that ugly silver cylinder next to my faucet?

A. That ugly silver cylinder with the hole in it that gets nasty at the base is an air gap. Many cities required those to pass the plumbing final when your home was built. They prevent the dishwasher from sucking dirty sink water back into the dishwasher.

The good news is you can get rid of them. You just need to get an adapter for the dishwasher drain line to connect to the garbage disposal under your sink, or the “Y” on the neck of your drain line from the main sink if you do not have a disposal.

CLICK HERE to find this adapter at Lowe’s. They cost roughly $10.00 and eliminate the air gap up by your faucet.

January 16, 2020

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