Q. Can you coordinate an electrician for our project?

A. No, we only focus on countertops. We do not GC other trades like plumbers, electricians, painters or tile installers. We focus on one thing so that we can deliver the best countertop experience possible.

Many of our customers have had great luck finding a local electrician by way of referral from family, friends on Facebook and their neighbors on Nextdoor.

Q. I want to do a waterfall island. What do I do with my plugs?

A. An electrician will need to relocate you plugs. You could leave them on the ends of the island and put them in the waterfall countertop, but this is not the most aesthetic approach.

In the past, our customers have had a cabinet company add 3 or 4″ filler strips to the end of the island which gives enough room to relocate the outlet. We have also had customers relocate the outlet to the top of the island in a pop up electrical box.

Q. I had a tile/solid surface/quartz/granite backsplash added or redone and now my outlets do not sit flush. They are recessed back into the tile, what is wrong?

A. This is very common. The ears of the outlet are what hold it flush with the backsplash material. It is a very tight tolerance to leave the cutout opening big enough for the plug to fit and not bind the screws that hold it in place, but make the opening small enough the outlet ears can rest fully on the backsplash material.

The solution is to pick up some plastic electrical box extenders at Home Depot. CLICK HERE to see what they are.

The box extenders will allow the outlet to sit flush on the backsplash material and then the plate cover will be flush with the outlet. This is a very simple, affordable and the best way to solve this issue.

July 9, 2020