Q. Can you coordinate repainting our kitchen or bath?

A. No, we only focus on countertops – we do not GC other trades like plumbers, electricians, painters or tile installers. We focus on one thing so that we can deliver the best countertop experience possible.

Many of our customers have had great luck finding a local tile installer by way of referral from family, friends on Facebook and their neighbors on Nextdoor.

Q. What paint do you recommend?

A. Some of our favorites are:

Sherwin Williams
Benjamin Moore

Our customers have had great success with all three of these brands. You can find stores for Sherwinn Williams and Benjamin Moore in most cities Countertops 101 serves in the Western US and Behr can be found at your local Home Depot.

Q. What type of paint should I get – Latex or Enamel?

For walls and ceilings we recommend getting Latex (water based) paint. For trim (base, case, crown, cabinets, shiplap details) we recommend you get an enamel (oil based) paint.

The advantage to latex paint include:

-No mildew growth
-Low VOC’s
-Easy cleanup with water
-Quick drying
-Can be used on almost all surfaces
-Stable color over time – does not fade or yellow over time

The disadvantages of latex paint include:

-Does not tend to be as vivid or rich as oil based paint
-Not as durable as oil based paint
-Can delaminate from walls if they get wet

The advantages of enamel paints include:

-Attractive semi-gloss and gloss finish
-Good for high moisture areas like bathrooms
-Longer dry time – good for making fixes
-Good leveling – Brush strokes fill themselves to create a much smoother finish
-Very hard durable finish

The disadvantages of oil-based paints include:

-High VOC’s – it has a strong smell and VOC’s can be harmful to breathe in – definitely wear a respirator while painting
-Much more difficult to clean up than latex paint

July 9, 2020

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